Character Sketch

In the short story “House” the character Harry is a inflexible, stubborn character who undergoes a change throughout the story. Harry is the head of his household; he has two children named Joey and Doll, and is a loving husband to his wife Anna. Harry is consistently getting into arguments with Anna about whether they should buy a house or not. Anna likes living an unconventional life, but Harry feels a need to conform and move to the suburbs. In the beginning of the story they start off in an argument, with Harry stating, “It’s a case of retarded development. You’re 30 years old.” Harry is frustrated but as much as his wife doesn’t want to move, he feels like he needs to do it for her saying, “It’s supposed to be for you.” This is because he thinks that moving to a nice area where they could do all the same things, and the kids could go to a good school and all in all have a better life. Anna feels quite opposite about the situation and wants to live somewhere unique like an island, however the kids wouldn’t learn the necessary skills in life to provide for themselves when they’re grown up. However, Harry perseveres and buys a house for his family to move in, however life isn’t going as smooth as he planned and his opinions are beginning to change. When he buys a new car and drives it, the only thing in his mind is how much he misses the old one that he sold. In hindsight Harry didn’t know the responsibility that the house would need, and the bills that had to be paid. Harry is a dynamic character because he undergoes a change of heart and thinks he shouldn’t have moved. At the end of the story he begins to smash down a wall and makes plans for renovations, this is a symbol of Harry changing his opinion about the house he moved in, and wants to go with his families plan.