What Planet I am

Why is Neptune most like me?
Neptune is a beautiful planet that is thought about last in order of the solar system, I am somewhat of a quiet person but I stand out in many ways that can get attention.

On the planet Neptune it literally rains diamonds, a diamond is my favourite type of gem so if I was able to visit the planet safely I would love to be there.

Neptune is a fairly large planet when compared to our earth as a standard, and when you compare my size to a standard person I’m a little bit above the average.

Neptune is the third largest planet by mass, which reminds me of my family because I’m also the third largest in mass.

The name Neptune stems from Greek mythology as the “God of the sea” and I spend a lot of time on boats and on the water and I really enjoy doing so.

Neptune has 14 moons orbiting it, 14 is my age right now, I am born on February 14th, and 14 is my favourite number.

Neptune is a very undiscovered moon because only one spacecraft has investigated it, and since I am kinda quiet I haven’t been discovered too much either.

Mutation story

Mutation – Sickle cell anemia
Today we have started to make the 11th chromosome. We had one mistake from the hosts mother, and one from the father. This is a start to 1 of 300,000 kids born this years life. The red blood cells that I produce will now be missing a large portion of the oxygen the host needs to live. A normally produced red blood cell will live for 120 days. The cells I am programmed to make will live at a fraction of that mark, usually 10-20 days. The hosts life is going to be hard and painful; and it has only just begun.

Some say the reason I was made was to resist the malaria disease. They say this because the areas that are hit hard by malaria, %40 of the people have at least one of the gene that makes me. And I will resist the malaria disease. I only come up once now and then. The scientist that are trying to “cure” me say that the gene has popped up in history than just vanished, a few times. I am here to stay though. I must resist malaria, but if the host has my gene I will only beat it %50 of the time. I have run into a problem, although this is a hereditary gene that causes this there is only a 1/4 chance that the hosts successor will have a for of me. The hosts that have me say I am such a bad thing to have. I don’t try to be.

The host has is starting to grow older, and my effects on him are becoming more transparent. The parents of the host are going to the doctor frequently trying to eradicate me, but I cannot be eradicated. They are getting desperate; willing to try anything. Blood transfusions, needles, even bone marrows transplant, but yet I remain here. The host tries to avoid physical exercise because he will be exhausted and increases the risk of a heart attack, seizure, or a stroke that could leave him with permanent brain damage.