Blog Log 4

High school graduation rates up for B.C.’s Indigenous, special needs students
I found this article heartwarming because I think everyone in this country deserves a proper education no matter what. It’s pleasant to know that as a nation we’re progressing in order to better ourselves. The article is more ‘matter of fact’ and is brief and shows statistics over time how the progression is going. Even though theres some districts lagging behind, the author kept it in light spirits focusing on the positive opposed to the negative. I connect with his article because with me being in highs chool I can see how sometimes it gets hard, which could lead to people being discouraged.

Blog Log 3

A Winter Wonderland came true at the Winter Ball 2017

“A Winter Wonderland came true at the Winter Ball 2017” caught my attention on the Riverside Eddy because it was one of the biggest social events in our school in 2017. It is interesting to find out how much of the burden of planning is on fellow students, and the author asked critical questions of what it is like to plan an event. The final paragraph uses vivid imagery and accurately portrays how the night of the Winter Ball truly took place. It reminded me of all of the activities that went on afterschool throughout my whole life as a student. With all the stress that it took to plan, the author shows that it did pay off.

Concrete Abstract Poem


Frustration sounds like an impenetrable scream, forever echoing in your mind
Looks like the unimaginable dream, which you can’t see because you’re blind
Tastes like the home cooked meal that has been burnt for the fourth time
Feels like running a marathon, except your attempt gets you punished
Smells like a burning landfill with a little touch of rotten hummus

Blog Log 2

There are many benefits to crying

There are many benefits to crying

This article interested me because I think mental health issues are very prevalent in our society and don’t get the attention that is required. I find the quote she find from a local source very interesting, “I feel that crying is a cathartic release that everyone needs to do once in a while” – Kasey Chittenden. The rhetoric that is used helps persuade the reader to see the perspective of the person affected. I made a connection to a time that I heard that if you cry the hormones flood your receptors in your brain and end up helping you feel better. This is a topic that has a “stigma” and deserves to be brought to light.

Blog Log 1

Texas gunman who killed 26 sent threatening texts to mother-in-law, officials say

This article written by Tom Dart reveals to the general population the malignant evils that lays dormant in a minority of the populous. History repeats itself and with technology and media this has been made apparent more so now then ever. The rate of mass shootings are seeming to be increasing steadily making us fearful, and upset what this world is becoming. The fact that one disgruntled man is able to kill 26 and, “The youngest to die was aged 18 months.” This becomes unfathomable, solely numbers and statistics cannot begin to describe the events that took place, and the families reaction to the manner. The right to bare arms in America has always been a hot topic for debate and this article brings to pros and cons for both sides into debate. As the event took place, one citizen considered a “Texas Hero” took notice of the situation and reacted with his own deadly force, “He also appeared to have been wounded by the civilian with the AR rifle.” Our society has felt this loss to the fullest potential of our capabilities to mourn and feel sympathy for the deceased and families. However, time may not heal this wound but instead will make it a distant memory until the next event takes place. We remember Columbine, Sandy Hook, and Las Vegas and countless other times. Although, what measures will we put forth to prevent this from happening again? Why is this a mass shooting and not an act of domestic terrorism? We can have faith that the world will become a better place, but without serious measures to understand and fix mental health we will continue to notice a pattern.

“White, brown, yellow and black — color is not restricted
You have a self-destructive destiny when you’re inflicted” – Felipe Andres Coronel

Miss Brill

Human behaviour is a touchy subject that we all face in our day to day lives. Us as a species are so different from one another, yet behave in such similar ways as a collective. A lot of people like to blame others actions for for the social fallbacks they face in their lives, but yet, themselves are just as guilty as anyone else. In the story “Miss Brill” the protagonist also named Miss Brill, strolls around her during afternoon off, eavesdropping and tuning into the private lives of others. She is quick to make judgements on others such as noticing the derelict condition of a once profound ermine toque. From person to person she makes quick judgements all based on behaviour, and she doesn’t fully understand in depth what those people are like. However, when the tables are turned and she overheard herself get judges by a young couple near her, she is devastated. It utterly crushed her sense of self respect, and goes home sad to sit in a dark room, and sulk. This is ironic because she put out the same energy that she got in return, and is no better than anyone else.