Blog Log 4

High school graduation rates up for B.C.’s Indigenous, special needs students
I found this article heartwarming because I think everyone in this country deserves a proper education no matter what. It’s pleasant to know that as a nation we’re progressing in order to better ourselves. The article is more ‘matter of fact’ and is brief and shows statistics over time how the progression is going. Even though theres some districts lagging behind, the author kept it in light spirits focusing on the positive opposed to the negative. I connect with his article because with me being in highs chool I can see how sometimes it gets hard, which could lead to people being discouraged.

Blog Log 3

A Winter Wonderland came true at the Winter Ball 2017

“A Winter Wonderland came true at the Winter Ball 2017” caught my attention on the Riverside Eddy because it was one of the biggest social events in our school in 2017. It is interesting to find out how much of the burden of planning is on fellow students, and the author asked critical questions of what it is like to plan an event. The final paragraph uses vivid imagery and accurately portrays how the night of the Winter Ball truly took place. It reminded me of all of the activities that went on afterschool throughout my whole life as a student. With all the stress that it took to plan, the author shows that it did pay off.