How do poems such as “The Stranger” help reveal the dark periods of Canadian history?

Reflection: The shadows of the Native People

Native People have the darkest period in Canadian history. It was about the relation of Residential School and Native People. The poem “The Stranger”  by Gord Downie help reveal the dark periods of Canadian history. It was written a Native boy’s experience from Residential school.  He ran away from the Residential School, but sadly he died on the side of the train tracks.  When he walked on that path, he thought his parents and experience at Residential School. This part reveals many Native children were forced to go to the Residential School. Therefore, they had to separate with their family, and they cannot have any connection to their family. In this poem, “stranger” was repeated many times. It shows nobody can understand him also tells readers Natives children were suffering unimaginable pain at that period. The physical abuse, sexual abuse and many disorders happened to them every day. The poet uses a Native child point of view to tell people how dark that history was, what pain did they suffering.

One thought on “How do poems such as “The Stranger” help reveal the dark periods of Canadian history?

  1. Carol,

    Thank you for posting your reflection based on Gord Downie’s poem, “The Stranger,” from the book, “The Secret Path.”

    You seem to have a great understanding of the main issues brought forth in the poem about First Nations people within Canada.

    My suggestion would be to make sure you aren’t capitalizing common nouns (People should be people). Also, make sure you do not call them Natives, we call them First Nations!

    Thank you for sharing, you did a great job!

    Mr. Barazzuol

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