What is New Media?

New media

New media is an online way of communicating with someone on the internet. An example is someone using Facebook. The difference between traditional media and new media is that in traditional media a person doesn’t interact with someone like on the news or the radio. New media isn’t just Facebook or Twitter, it can be when people are on apps, when students need to email their teachers, etc.

Fragmented media consumption means the way a person consume their media time like someone using their phone to listen to music or just looking on Facebook or even texting their friend to tell them something important. People spend about 12 hours a day with those different types of media and those people tend to consume that media to support their existing views but it can tend to lead people to false beliefs which turns out bad for them. There is even some evidence that leads up to how people look at media. [“A recent study showed that on social media, fake news, defined as deliberately falsified news articles created to drive clicks, was shared over 35 million times during our most recent election cycle.”](Bedley 2017)

Try to see if the media is accurate and not an opinion which is not always true. Use these methods when looking to see if the source is reliable or not.

  1. Look to see if the website has been submitted for an ownership
  2. The information has the same information on other websites
  3. The created sources have been recently created
  4. Date of the page/ when it was published to see if it was changed or not
  5. The author of the information
  6. See if the info is something you learned before and see if it matches up
  7. Try to use your common sense when looking at the article.


1. What is New media?

2. How is media consumption fragmented?

3. What are some methods you can use to consume credible media?


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