Core Competency’s and Reflections PE9

Reflection 1:

School stresses me out the most because of homework. All the homework we get is overwhelming because I have extracurricular activities and I don’t have a lot of time to do homework and my sports end around 9 so I have 2 hours to do my homework till I need to go to sleep but then I usually stay up longer finishing my assignments. So, I usually get around 6 hours of sleep.


Reflection 2:

When I searched up my name I saw some of my accounts but they were all private so you couldn’t see much, I saw my YouTube but it’s where I post my videos for school. I think that you should probably make your accounts private but if you are public just make sure to go through your followers and make sure there are no people you don’t know and your friends don’t know. I think it’s fine if you have people who follow you that you don’t necessarily know yourself but if your friends know them and trust them it’s fine.


Reflection 3:

I accept all the positive things and if someone says something negative about me I don’t take much thought into it because to me if you are mean to me you are irrelevant to my life. But if someone does piss me off with a stupid comment I will just take a few breathes to compose myself so I don’t freak-out.


Reflection 4:

I’ve never been in an unhealthy relationship and I don’t know anyone who has been in one, but if someone I know is in an unhealthy relationship I will know how to help them and how they can deal with it.


Reflection 5:

I’ve never had conflict with my friends or my parents but I know some of my friends have had conflict and now if they need any help to get rid of the conflict I know what to do.


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