I am a Canadian/American musician. I love music. It’s a part of my life. I cant imagine my life without it. i play the guitar, drums, and piano. When I started music I was a drummer in the school band and I didn’t really care about music. I didn’t realize the depth it held. At around the end of grade 8 I started to realize what music preserved. It was becoming a bigger and bigger part of my life. I started to take drumming lessons to improve my skill. It was the first time I can honestly say I was honestly flabbergasted by how intricate and advanced my teacher was. In grade 8 I also started to play guitar which is still an instrument I play and strive to be better to this day. The piano started when I was in grade 11 and it’s a universal instrument translator. It is incredibly powerful to be able to play piano because it can provide a way to explain you music to other people.

Sports for me is a fake term. When I say I play sports I don’t mean the sports everyone thinks of. I don’t play football or basketball. I sail. In boats. Which a lot of people don’t remember is a real sport and takes just as much effort as other sports. I sail because I find it is incredibly more rewarding doing a sport on the water with the wind in my face in a beautiful environment. Rather then running around in the poring rain in the mud.