The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Calvin Ng

3, October 2017

English 11

Mr. Barazzuol

Walter Fighting his Dreams

“He took one last drag on his cigarette and snapped it away. Then with that faint, fleeting smile playing about his lips, he faced the firing squad; erect and motionless, proud and disdainful, Walter Mitty the Undefeated, inscrutable to the last.”

Although Walter Mitty smokes cigarettes, he knows it is bad for his health. Walter Mitty is trying to quit smoking, his morals are exploding; screaming at him to quit.

Walter knows that if he doesn’t quit, all his dreams, future and his charming wife will be gone right before his eyes. He worries he will lose his family the most, “If my wife leaves me, no one will stop me from smoking”.

“WALTER! When will you stop smoking, for heavens sake!” Said Mrs. Mitty anxiously.

“Honey, just give me some time” Walter sounded unconvincing.

Walter was inscrutable, never understanding why it was so hard for him to quit smoking; he tries his hardest but it just isn’t good enough. Hesitantly, but surely, he cuts down on the cigarettes; day by day he thinks less about smoking. His dreams started to become more realistic, with characteristics he has never imagined himself having were appearing in his dreams. Walter was thinking about the future; how dark and scary it was, he decided it was too much for one day. Anxiously pulling out a cigarette, sparking it took many tries like flint and steel. As he’s about to take the first drag…

“Walter! You there?… Come join us, we’re working on your brand-new house right now! We’ve come so far!” Said a contractor Mitty had hired.

“Glad to hear, you guys have impressed with this beautiful house, it is outstanding. Thank you all so much” Mitty said sympathetically.

Mitty had always dreamt of having a new house, living with his wife, and always dreaming about the day he quits smoking. Mitty was tired, stressed so like usual he takes his cigarette while sitting down outside of the new house. Mitty’s lighter wasn’t working, even after 4 strikes; something wasn’t right the cigarette light and he began to dream. In the midst of Mitty’s dream, he hears a loud shriek. “What’s all this ruckus for!” Mitty shouted at his wife.

“MITTY, HELP ME” Mrs. Mitty screaming for her life.

All the ruckus, and debris surrounding her just wasn’t reachable for Mitty. Mitty was in distraught. Mitty had tried everything he could, he had enough it; instead of deeply sorrowing over his wife he wanted to get out and save his own life, not willing to lose his own.

The houses uproars through the fierce and firey house, pandemonium broke loose my mind was deteriorating; feeling like my lungs were about to explode, “If only I had quit smoking, I’ve lost my beautiful wife and house for this” Mitty thought to himself. The fire making his house lungs crumble, making him collapse. As the fires got closer and closer, Mitty had woken up in agony. Before Mitty could even smoke, he dropped his cigarette running towards his wife and house.