Shooting in Suburbs

Shootings in suburbs

Police officers make headlines when shooting for their self-defense occurs, but is it always justified? This short story is titled “Identities”, by V.D Valgardson. This short story involves a nervous, inexperienced police officer, and a higher class white male driving around, in the rural suburbs of the town where he is questioned on why he’s in that area. Although the cop was inexperienced, I feel that shooting the suspect was justified because of the circumstances the suspect put the officer under. Our protagonist is caught wandering the suburbs of the town, and gets pulled over by the police officer. The cop who is alone and is already worried, due to the area of the town, “When the officer, who is inexperienced, who is nervous because of the neighborhood.” The officer is searching for a possible thief who matches the same identity as our protagonist. The cop advances with a gun as he approaches the car the suspect reaches into his pocket, “Reaches his hand towards his wallet for his identity.” The officers immediate instinct is to pull the trigger and take that man’s life. The cop is justified, because he never told the suspect to do anything and reaching into a pocket without orders puts the officer in a self-defense situation. Also, the cop is looking for a potential thief, if you get pulled over it’s for a reason, and being in the suburbs, generally speaking there are a lot of crimes that happen so you can imagine the scenarios on why you got pulled over when you’re obeying all laws. Finally, officers are trained to shoot to kill, if you show any possible signs of a threat, example: reaching into your pocket when not told, the officer has no option, but to shoot, because to him it’s a life or death situation. Due to the circumstances, the cop was justified, because he was alone searching for a possible thief, he had no time to wait for any backup, because by the time he approached his car he reached for his pocket, and you shouldn’t make any actions unless you’re told to by an officer.