Friendship Chain

1)A- Serbia,B-  Austria-Hungary, C- Russia, D-  Germany, E-  France, F- Britain

2)The country circled in yellow are Germany and Austria and they are in an alliance. The people in blue are Serbia, Russia, France and Britain and they are in their own separate alliance, where they help each other for wars and fighting but not to help each other develop. Serbia is the smallest, because they’re the newest and didn’t have any military background, and until Russia helped, they were being picked on by Austria.

3_When Austria’s leader goes to Bosnia he gets assassinated, and Austria blamed Serbia for this. Serbia denies being guilty and Austria says if they don’t find who killed him they will take military actions, and Germany decides to help Austria. Austria and Germany go at war with Serbia but to get there they attacked a neutral territory Belgium which caused tons of other small wars.

4)Germany, France and Britain all start fighting because of the war over Serbia, because France and Germany always had rivalry.

5)Britain fought Germany, because they had an alliance with Russia and that caused more problems that they already had.

6)Serbia gets accused for the assassination of Austria’s leader, and they deny it which sparks problems. Austria declares if they don’t find the person then they will give military action. Germany agrees and helps Austria, Russia, France and Britain all help Serbia and this caused Germany and Austria to have war against France and Britain. Since Canada was a part of the British Empire, they are now in the war.

7)The perspective is from the triple entante and the people who are helping Serbia. Germany was geared up in the picture, because they were ready to fight Serbia and anyone in the triple entante. In Austrias cartoon they say “if you move I’ll” which shows that Austria is literally picking on Serbia, because they’re smaller than them and they can just push them around.

Population Pyramids

2) the dependancy ratio is roughly 44% and this is low.

3) Based on the pyramid, the country is on a good stable run. This shows us that the death rate is slowing down, and the ratio for the dependant ratio is low, meaning that the country isn’t in any debt problems.  For healthcare, the children are being born steadily and the elderly are dying, the highest population is around 20-30 years old and this is good for the dependancy ratio.

4) At the moment Chile is doing good, but they should consider slowing down on their birth rates, because their country isn’t as technologically advanced as us, and once they do get advanced the number of jobs are going to decrease, meaning the amount of middle aged workers won’t have jobs. Once there aren’t as many jobs, then the dependancy ratio goes up, this means that the country will start facing problems.

Socials 11- 3 paragraphs

The advantages of having pressure groups, are that different groups of people who have the same thoughts of changes can hire people to fight for the change that they want. The disadvantages of pressure groups are that it may not benefit the public, and not everyone will agree on the cause. One of the examples was the awareness day for golf, and that only benefited the golfers in B.C, although they had stats for money and how much B.C could make, it doesn’t help everyone and not everyone wants that change.


Petitions in my opinion is the best way to get change, because it is a public vote, and you need a certain number of votes to get the government to actually look at the change. I think that is fair, because everyone gets to vote their opinion and you don’t have to share what you agree or disagree with. I don’t really think there are downsides to petitions, because it’s fair, equal and the government will consider the change if it is reasonable. In class, we talked about HST, and how it got changed back to GST and PST. I think that if there was a lobbyist fighting for why HST should be gone it still would be here today.


Civil disobedience is a different way to approach things, it’s where you protest for what you want to change, it can be an individual protest or a group/mob of people standing outside fighting for the change. In class we did Viola Desmond, she was an African lady who wanted to watch a movie on the bottom row, but the people there said her type of people are on the balcony which was supposedly was a “tradition”. An advantage of this is that the government or whoever can see how many local people actually want the change, because they’re actually using their time to protest. A disadvantage is that there could be consequences, with the law or you could get in trouble for protesting. You also would be wasting time standing outside if no one acknowledges the change you’re driving for.