The watch Elie Wiesel

In this concentration camp, it’s like walking in a hellhole. You have no freedom, no comfort, no privacy, and barely get fed. Every time I want to eat, it’s impossible, because the odour of the room I’m in smells like dead bodies. I don’t constantly hear screaming and people shouting for help, I try not to lose it and keep my calm. But the smell of death just keeps wreaking into my soul and disturbing me like it’s polluting my blood.

Red Lobster Is A Must Visit

Red Lobster is the place where I met my best friend. If you go with your family, friends or just to have a good time, Red Lobster is the perfect place to visit. It provides good food, a warm place to stay, giving you a feeling almost like home. The moment you walk in they have a soft greeting and makes you feel welcomed, the black soft benches to the hard wooden stools fits all the family and friends you need. When you get seated and order food, you don’t have to wait hungry, because they provide baskets of hot biscuits that rip apart like snow and melt in your mouth like soft ice cream. The spaghetti with hot gooey sauce and an enormous portion comes with a punch full of seafood, from shrimp, lobster, scallops to the creamy Alfredo sauce is what keeps bringing me back to this restaurant. Not only do they have nice food, but they gives you a less modern vibe because of their benches, their chairs, tables, dishes and paintings. They have fish tanks. Everything about the restaurant gives a good sense of where you can eat comfortably. The average cost for food is around 15-20$ depending on how much seafood there is. The food was so affordable, that even I paid the bill for my family when we went down to Disneyland! This is one of my most favourite restaurants, because this is the place where I met one of my best friends and he’s my favourite cousin. Without these old memories, I feel like I wouldn’t have came back. Growing up as a kid I didn’t like seafood but something changed when I didn’t eat seafood for 2 years but then I had Red Lobster and this changed my opinion on seafood. Overall this restaurant provides good service, atmosphere and most importantly hot and delicious food. This restaurant provided me good memories and it will provide memories for you, family and friends.