Population Pyramids

2) the dependancy ratio is roughly 44% and this is low.

3) Based on the pyramid, the country is on a good stable run. This shows us that the death rate is slowing down, and the ratio for the dependant ratio is low, meaning that the country isn’t in any debt problems.  For healthcare, the children are being born steadily and the elderly are dying, the highest population is around 20-30 years old and this is good for the dependancy ratio.

4) At the moment Chile is doing good, but they should consider slowing down on their birth rates, because their country isn’t as technologically advanced as us, and once they do get advanced the number of jobs are going to decrease, meaning the amount of middle aged workers won’t have jobs. Once there aren’t as many jobs, then the dependancy ratio goes up, this means that the country will start facing problems.

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