Blackout Poetry

Calista Hunter’s poem called “looking beyond” inspired by Shakespeare’s play called “A midsummer nights dream” explores the theme about how not everything can be interpreted using logic and reasoning (one of those things being love). The poem was found on page 21 of Louisa May Alcott’s novel called “Little Woman”. In the poem the words “looking beyond” […]

Brent Bio-bag Exhibition

In English 9 we read a book called “The Whirligig”. For our final project we got to choose various things. One thing we had to do was make an art gallery exhibit of four pictures of objects or devices in the book that we thought represent the protagonist Brent, or his journey/conflict. Here is my exhibition with my four objects […]

Whirligig Introductory Assignement

  Self Esteem And The Lengths Teens Go To Get It It is not uncommon for a teenager to struggle with lack of self-esteem. There are so many factors that can contribute as to why it’s an issue for you. Self esteem can be tied in with the amount of confidence you have. Having low […]

Everyday Acts Of Kindness

                                    I think the picture where the lady is spending time with a senior, represents an average person spending time and having fun with a senior. I think that its a very kind act to spend time with a senior your related to or not. I believe that some seniors in care homes don’t often get enough company […]

Community Connections

For this project, I have chosen to interview Darla Furlani Hodge about being a photographer. In Darla studio, she photographs weddings, engagements, portraits, pregnancy, babies, boudoir and beauty, but mainly she does weddings, with over 800 wedding documented. I chose to interview her because I really enjoy doing photography. I really want to learn more […]