Everyday Acts Of Kindness

                                    I think the picture where the lady is spending time with a senior, represents an average person spending time and having fun with a senior. I think that its a very kind act to spend time with a senior your related to or not. I believe that some seniors in care homes don’t often get enough company […]

Community Connections

For this project, I have chosen to interview Darla Furlani Hodge about being a photographer. In Darla studio, she photographs weddings, engagements, portraits, pregnancy, babies, boudoir and beauty, but mainly she does weddings, with over 800 wedding documented. I chose to interview her because I really enjoy doing photography. I really want to learn more […]

French Song Project

In my Conversation 10 class, my group and I worked on a song together. We made a remake of the song to the song “Sober” by Mahalia, and we called our version of the song “Alone” and we wrote our song in French. Here are pit lyrics: Convo 10 – Callie – Chanson corrections-2ffdqri I […]

Playdough circuits

In science class we did a circuit lab where we tried different circuits to make an LED light, light up. In my group we tried three circuits which were all successful. These are our circuits This is my detailed drawing of the circuit This is my detailed drawing of the circuit This is my detailed […]

TOKTW 2017

November 1st 2017 Today is “Take Our Kids To Work Day” where we go with our parents to their work place. I have chosen to go to my dads work place. First I have interviewed him about his work. I asked a few simple questions. Today my dad is working from home. This is a […]

Science App Review

For this project I will be finding, downloading and using an app that will help me with my current topic in science, the periodic table. My goal is to find an app that will help me learn and understand the periodic table and all the little things in it. I have downloaded the periodic table […]