Synthesis of Ideas

The characters we were synthesizing were the protagonists from American Dirt (Lydia), Red Rising (Darrow), and Son of a Trickster (Jared).

This picture here shows a person running away from a sword and a sad face and towards a rainbow and a happy face.┬áThe sword and sad face represent the troubles in somebody’s life, whereas the rainbow and happy face represent the joy and peace that is sought after. The person running represents somebody running from their troubles to find joy.

Darrow (Red Rising) does his best to escape the Red district and receives painful modifications that involve dying 3 times to fully transform. He goes through this so he can potentially live a happier life.

Lydia (American Dirt) goes through many dangers to enter America. She does this to escape a deadly drug cartel that her former companion is part of, and is currently trying to find her.

Jared (Son of a Trickster) has had to deal with many hardships in his life. Other than his dog, he feels that everything is against him. He often finds himself drunk to try and escape the troubles of his life. He bakes and sells weed cookies in order to make money to support his father even though it gets him harassed and even assaulted one time. When he believes that becoming sober will help him become happier, he persues it even though most of the people around him hate him for it.

Overall, the picture represents the idea that people will do whatever they can to get away from their troubles and find happiness.