Linear Relations Study

Jobs chosen:

McDonald’s Crew Member

Starbucks Barista


McDonald’s wage: 11.62 per hour

Starbucks’ wage: 11.03 per hour




When working 4 hours a day, I would have to wait 250 days to save up to 1000. This works around my school and soccer schedule though so it would be the must.


When working 4 hours a day, I would have to wait 252 days to save up to 1000 but at that point point, I would have made 7 dollars more than if I worked at Starbucks.



I would have to chose working at Starbucks because at first it seems like it would take way more time to earn 1000 but because of where the numbers fall, it would actually come in less time.

Also, just the embarrassment of working at McDonald’s is enough to scare me to Starbucks. Not even if I make 7 more dollars.


Planning sheet


Everything I know about polynomials

Vocabulary of polynomials

Coefficient: Number before a variable

Base: The variable after a coefficient

Variable: An unknown number shown by a letter

Term: A number or variable/the sum of a number and variable

Like terms: Two or more terms with the same base

Polynomials: An expression made up of terms that are added or subtracted

Monomial: 1 term | 6x2

Binomial:   2 terms | 3a2 – 5

Trinomial:  3 terms | –w2 – 5w + 1

Polynomial: 4+ terms | 2s2t2 + st + 7t – 4



Only like terms can be added

(1x + 2x2 – 3x)+(1x + 3x2 + 2x)

1x, 3x, 1x and 2x are like terms

1x + 3x +1x + 2x = 7x

2x2  and 3x2 are like terms

2x2 + 3x2  = 5x2

= 7x + 5x2



Only like terms can be subtracted

(4x – 3x2)-(1x2 + 2x)

= 4x – 2x = 2x

= 3x2 – 1x2  = 2x2

= 2x – 2x2



Using the distributive property, we multiply the monomial with each term in the polinomial.

(3x)(3x x 2x x 5x)

Multiply each term by the monomial

(9x2 + 6x2 + 15x)



Distributive property still applies

\frac{6x + 4x}{2x}

6x ÷ 2x = 3

4x ÷ 2x = 2