L’importance de défendre tes idées

L’importance de défendre tes idées est quelque chose qui n’est pas donné le montant d’attention qu’il devrait. Ces jours, quelqu’un sur l’internet peut dire n’importe quoi sans la nécessité de le défendre. Pour moi personellement c’est vraiment important parce comme un crétien mes croyances et idées sont vraiments différents dans des aspets différents et pendant ma vie je serai demander de défendre mes idées donner le preuve de mes croyances.

Quels sont mes souhaits pour le futur de Riverside

Avant que je termine à Riverside, je voudrais recevoir Mr Purdy encore deans les prochaines années. Je souhaîterais de complêter la dousième année sans avoir des crises de nerfs. J’aimerais un année pas trop difficile mais je devrais encore travailler fort pour le faire. Si je sais que ces choses arriveraient, je serais hâte encore plus pour mon futur.

Data Visualisation – STDs


I chose this way to demonstrate my information because I believe that it was a clear way to show it. I chose this information because I remembered a website with all the information that I was seeking. However, it did not show all the information that I wanted; like the percentages of Chlamydia cases per age which I was able to demonstrate in my infographic. I personally believe that my graphic was easy to read but when shown to my friend they disagreed.








Desmos Art Functions Portrait

I started out by making the head with a circle, then the eyes. I used y= Square root to make the eyebrows. I had to ask my friend Tim to do the right one, which was simple enough but when I did the other eyebrow I ran into some troubles, I tried for a solid 10 minutes of switching negatives, the x and y, adding and subtracting until I gave up and eventually used good old Khan Academy to figure out the mirror version of it. To make my hair I made about 2o parablas and cut them off so they would look more like my hair although the colour is off and I wear a hat basically every day. I learned that functions are not only used to mark down how much money 12-year-old Suzy would make if she sold 12 watermelons for $8 each minus the 15 dollars it cost to set up and other simple graphing questions like that.




Flag Pole Lab Math 2018

In this lab, we had to find out the height of the Canadian flagpole in front of our school. We were supposed to use triangulation to calculate the height. Our idea was to measure from two different distances then see if they were the same. We measured from 2m and 10m. Our answer’s varied by about 2 meters. We developed another strategy to measure my height and my shadow’s height. We then took the quotient of my height/my shadow’s height. Then we multiplied that number by the hight of the flagpole. Which gave us an answer of 10.6. Which was not close to either of our other calculations so we went with that anyway.