The 3 Reasons that Mario Kart Wii is Great for Teaching Children how to Drive

The 3 Reasons that Mario Kart Wii is Great for Teaching Children how to Drive

Most people know about the children’s video game that is Mario Kart. At first glance, it seems as though it is merely for the entertainment of children with no future benefit. However, I’m ready to give 3 reasons why it is actually very useful for preparing for an important part of adulthood: Driving. As you may guess, I was once a child. I spent many hours of my childhood playing Mario Kart, and I still play it to this day. I always had a passion for driving, so this was the closest thing I had to it. Later on in my life, I was able to receive my Learner’s license and my Novice license on my first attempt. I strongly believe that Mario Kart has contributed to my success.

1. The Appeal to Youth
We all know that there are multiple games derived from the concept of racing. However, most of these games are extraordinarily complicated and would be a challenge to a person of youth. Mario Kart (Wii) separates itself from the other competitors with its simplicity and appeal to younglings. It consists of only 3 buttons required to play (more can be used for additional controls but are not necessary to play) along with the steering mechanics of the Wii remote. Which consists of only tilting it left and right.

Along with simplicity, the game itself is visually more appealing to children. The bright colours and familiar characters make it a first-choice game. Because of this, your children can begin their driving journey before they have started school. As a 4 year old, I was already considered a master in my household consisting of my parents (who did not play) and myself. This experience made me the wonderful and confident driver I am today.

2. The Mechanics

Wii remote with additional steering wheel piece

There are multiple versions of Mario Kart, but the reason I am talking up Mario Kart Wii is because of the controls. Along with the button pressing mechanics. The main steering system is the tilting of the Wii remote. This is very important because it mirrors the real life mechanics of a steering wheel. In addition to this, there is a purchasable steering wheel shaped piece that can be attached to the Wii remote. Once again, this helps children understand the feeling of a steering wheel in their hands, without the dangers of actually driving.

3. Operating Under Pressure

Mario Kart Wii may be a good way to learn how to drive, but the purpose of the game is not learning how to drive. It is a competitive racing game; the aim is to win. This gives a certain amount of pressure (depending on the child) of being able to maintain proper technique when in a competitive setting. This gives children the ability to operate a vehicle later on. If they can constantly win races (which requires impeccable ability and focus under pressure) then they can transition to leisurely driving later on in life.

I hope that I have opened your eyes on the great importance of this beautiful game. Whether you have kids or not, you should still be motivated to make sure that the future streets of the future are protected and safe, thanks to the Nintendo video game released in 2008. Thank you for reading, I hope you will return for my future changing blog posts in the future.


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