Desmos Art Functions Portrait

I started out by making the head with a circle, then the eyes. I used y= Square root to make the eyebrows. I had to ask my friend Tim to do the right one, which was simple enough but when I did the other eyebrow I ran into some troubles, I tried for a solid 10 minutes of switching negatives, the x and y, adding and subtracting until I gave up and eventually used good old Khan Academy to figure out the mirror version of it. To make my hair I made about 2o parablas and cut them off so they would look more like my hair although the colour is off and I wear a hat basically every day. I learned that functions are not only used to mark down how much money 12-year-old Suzy would make if she sold 12 watermelons for $8 each minus the 15 dollars it cost to set up and other simple graphing questions like that.




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