Collaboration Fluency

Our assignment was to create something that demonstrates how to read/show that we know how to read resistors. My partner Jake and I decided to make a PowerPoint. (Can be found below). We had a title page, a page with the formula for calculating the resistance and then 8 slides with resistors labeled A-G. We came up with a format that would demonstrate how we calculated it and then we made it. I took resistors A,C,E and G and he took B,D and F which I didn’t realize meant that he was doing less until the moment I am writing this. He phrased it as “You start at A and I’ll start at B and we will do every 2nd letter.” So in the moment I was like “OK sounds fair.” We completed the project just fine and it worked out until… Here is where we get to the “Examine” part. We did not communicate after school so we both thought that the other one sent it in. Resulting in it being too late and we ended up getting a 0 so we will make sure to do better next time.

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PowerPoint – Resistors 101

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