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Eggs at home part.1

Recipe for at home lab


With all the flavors this meal will sure leave your taste bubs wanting more.

2.) Egg biscuit

All the ingredients go well together

3.) Deviled eggs

A lovely combination of flavors

Lab Reflection#2

I chose to do my lab reflection#2 on breakfast burritos because out of all the labs we did from March/April. This one I really enjoyed making and it was super good. I enjoyed this lab because it was a lot of fun to make and you got to make everything yourself. Yes, my product turned out the way i hoped. What helped was i have made these before so i had an understood how to make it. This lab are group worked very well together we all had something to do though out the whole lab none of use were just standing there. If i could do this lab again i would probably put the salsa in the burrito not on top.

Take home lab#2 Noodles

Recipes for take home lab

1.) Chicken noodle soup

This homemade chicken noodle soup is a great recipe for a cold night and tastes great.


30 ml- Unsalted butter

240 ml- Sliced carrots

120 ml- Sliced celery

120 ml- Diced onion

1,920 ml- low-sodium chicken broth

2 chicken breast

720 ml- Egg noodles

2.5 ml- dry basil

2.5 ml- oregano

1.25 ml- salt

1.25 ml- garlic powder

1.25 ml- pepper

2) sweet and spicy udon noodles

  • The sauce is divine with the chose of chicken or shrimp

3.) Rice bowl with avocado

-All the flavors combined make an excellent taste



Foods 10- Lab reflection

Lab reflection

I chose to do my reflection on the Granola bars

1.) I chose do reflect on the granola bars because they were one of my favorite things that we’ve made in the lab so far.  I also really enjoyed the taste of them.

2.) I enjoyed the lab because they weren’t just fun to make they were good to taste.  Also everyone in my group got to contribute a little bit to this lab we all had something to do.

3.) The product turned out the way i thought it was going to because the recipe was pretty straight forward and easy to follow.

4.) On this lab are group worked pretty well together because we all had something to do none of us were ever just standing around.

5.) If i were to do this lab again i would have maybe left them in the oven for a little bit longer.

sorry for the bad quality photos

This is the mise-en place

This is the final product.

Readers response: “A television drama”

A television drama

Part A: The reporters POV

At one twenty in the afternoon the police received a call from an upscale neighborhood.   A man who had robbed a store was in the area.  The police have demanding for everyone to get into their houses. He may be armed and dangerous. Their is now an aproching man who looks like the suspect who meets the discription coming from a house. The police are armed and ready.  The suspect has been shot by 2 police.  The robber had a gun around his wast repoted the police they shot him for protection.

Part B: Media and a “television drama”

Most people would go check of what is happening maybe turn on thier television or go right into the action and ask the police or reporters of what is going on. People are curios beans. Exemple from the story when people from their community had gon eonto the street to see what was happening.



Artifacts of learning.

Artifacts of learning.

1.) Pictures

Image result for it  was good

  Image result for powerpoint

2a) The story of your experience: We started out wanting to create a light and design are own but we saw a lot of other groups doing that so when ms. Robinson suggested to do a PowerPoint to document everything that has gone on we though that was a good idea. We have been documenting everything from the first PowerPoint to the last.

b.) With whom you connected: we didn’t really need to directly connect we just listened to what the other groups questions were and what the responses were.

c.) What you did/made: We did a PowerPoint that documents everything that has happened during this project.

3.) Skills you gained: How to explain more about the things your doing also that it doesn’t take much to help someone out.

b.) How you feel you met your learning goals: I think i met them on an okay basis because i didn’t really show a lot of network into the project we didn’t connect with anyone outside of the class. But other than that i think i met my learning goal.

4.) A debrief of the experience:

a.) How the collaboration went: For the most part it was pretty good it’s sometimes a little harder to work in a group because not everyone will like your idea. Our PowerPoint turned out pretty good a lot of information of what we learned.

b.) What you did well/ What can you improve; I did well on the information we put in the PowerPoint but i could work on making it more organized and sticking to one idea not all these little slides think of the big question.

c.) How you felt about connection-based learning: I liked how we got to come up with the ideas on what we were going to do we didn’t have to do it on something we didn’t want to. I also liked how we got to talk with other people outside are class room that was pretty cool.

How cells multiply.

How cells multiply

Sexual Reproduction: There must be a male and a female for sexual reproduction. To produce a living thing the males sperm cell has to be able to fertilize the egg of the female. If the sperm cannot fertilize the egg the women will not be able to conceive a baby. Not one person alike has the same DNA as you. Unless you are an identical twin. By combinding genetic information from two people of different sexes you can produce a new living organisms.This processe can happen with animals, humans and even plants.

Asexual Reproduction: The clone will be an identical copy of the parents. It mostly happens with plants, bacteria, and fungi. There are all different types of Asexual Reproduction. The offsprings are genetically identical to the one parent. It does not involve the fusion of gametes.

Mitosis: It’s when a single cell divides into two daughter cells. When it divides the two cells will become identical. The most significant purpose is to replace worn out or old cells. It’s also an Asexual Reproduction.

Meiosis:  The cell division reduces the numbers of chromosomes. Most cells divide to produce two copies of themselves.  Is mostly apart of Sexual Reproduction.

How organism grow: Organism grow when the cell divides because this doubles how many organisms their are. They are constantly dividing.  Because organisms keep on growing in your body needs consistent supply of nutrition and oxygen. When you get an injury or a bruise, your body heals them by developing more cells than your body normally does on that spot.

Understanding Reproduction: Reproduction can happen in two way Sexual reproduction and Asexual reproduction. They are different things but they almost have the same function cut one you need two living creatures and the other you just need one. But they both produce something

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