Astro wonder 2018 Part#1

Astro wonder 2018

My question:
I wonder if there are habitable planets in outer space for the human race?

The date was November 2013, the astronomers from Kepler space mission gave information that their could be more than 40 million earth sized planet that orbit around a sun like star that’s in the safe zone so we wouldn’t burn from the heat. This got me wondering could any of these planets be our next earth. The one that they know the most information is Ross 128. It could possibly be habitable for the human race some say some form of life already habitats it (we may have company). Ross 128 is 11 light years away from the earth so it would almost take 270,000 years to make it there. Right now they are searching and trying to find out if their is oxygen in the atmosphere. Right now in their search its mostly guesses but the astronomers are thinking that this planet might have a surface temperature amenable to human life which would be a big step. Ross 128 is also circling around a dim star. Then there’s Mars this one is probably the most talked about because theirs a lot of facts on it and isn’t to far from the earth only 7 years which wouldn’t take someone’s whole life in a space ship. They want to send and land on mars by 2027/30. The big question about Mars is how could we live their long term. The atmosphere on Mars is mostly carbon monoxide and Mars surface is to cold to sustain human life. The main problem to get to Mars would be landing right now there trying to find out how they will land they have 2 methods that could possibly work but they won’t be 100% if they will work till they land. Then they have to figure out what we would live in it wouldn’t look like a house because Mars doesn’t have the same atmosphere as us and the houses would get destroyed . All the structures would have a few things in common and they include. They have to be self-sustained, sealed against the thin atmosphere, and being able to sustain life for a long period of time without the help of earth. So could there possibly be a new earth. We probably wont see it in are life time but there is a great possibility that one day there will be a new earth.


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