First people principle of learning.

First people principle of learning.

The First people have very good principles

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I chose this photo because it represents a lot of their principals in one photo.

The first principle i looked at was learning takes patience and time. I think that this is a very good principle cause a lot of people now a days just want it then and their right when they want it. When take time to learn it will engrave in your head more which will lead to more information you can tell to other people and patience is one of the best quality a person can have.

The second principle i got was learning involves recognizing the consequences of ones actions. This is a good one to because you can’t just go around blaming other people for what you did. Own up to your own mistakes. in the end you will probably get in less trouble than if you were to blame other people and that’s just not fair on the others person part.

The third one is Learning is embedded in memory, history and story. I think this means that when you learn something it came from somewhere, someone, a place. It never just randomly showed up. All things you learn have a history and a story you just have to dig deeper to find it.

I think are worked is related to some of the First People principles like for our projects if someone didn’t contribute they can own up to it them selfs not have one of the group members tell the teacher. That we couldn’t always find the information we were looking for we just had to have more patients to find what we needed. We all kinda had are own responsibility not everyone would work on the same thing and their always tends to be a leader.

the principles i used to connect with the project was Learning evolves recognizing the consequences of one own actions also  Learning involves patience and time and the last one we used was Learning involves generational roles and responsibility.


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