Engineering Brightness

Engineering Brightness

The Skype experience: It was interesting because you got to hear what it was like from a person that actually comes from Dominican. Even if they were they went has electricity they actually may see the conditions some people live in

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Screen shot of plans: Are plan is to make a power point on everything that has happened during this project and what other people are doing. To also try and spread awareness for light poverty.

Ideas for connections: We can get in touch with Dennis and Eladio. And asked more questions to get more information.

Who we talked to: We talked to Eladio, Dennis, Edwardo, and Paul from the Dominican Republic. We also talked to Ms.Fogarty from New Brunswick.

What interested me: To help them out with light poverty and what others peoples ideas were because everyone had kinda different ideas.

How do you feel about this experience: This is a good experience because we get to help other people out and we get to understand more about what its like to not have electricity.


What we are doing: we are making a power point on what has happened during the project. And we are going to put down some ideas other groups have had on what their going to do for this project. we also want to try and spread awareness.

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