Science app Review

Science app review

My problem- i need to study the periodic table and find out the history and images of the elements and hazards that some elements have. But i have lost all my notes and forgot some at the school and the test is tomorrow you know that if you don’ t study you will fail.

The app- Elements: the periodic table. Its a app that has every thing to do with the periodic table. It shows you all the elements you can click on one and it shows you everything that has to do with that element like it shows you a picture of the element the phase, density, the group its in, it will also explain the history of what ever element you clicked on.

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Innovative ideas- I could research apps that could help out, I could keep my work more organized, I would study all the elements on the periodic table on the app, and i could figure out the app and try to memories all of the things like practice one a day and get it locked in your head.

publish- I will put it on edublog and you could always make your own blog and publish it there and people who had the same problem as you may come across it.

process- The app that i used to solve my problem was pretty good a lot of information on it that could be very useful. But they could make it a little better like they could make it more organized like they could color coat if the element is a metal or non-metal. Thats the only big problem

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