SSEP Fundamental Questions

Fundamental questions

What is the problem to attempted to solve?

We tried to solve how the experiment we chose would be effected in space would there be a difference or would it remain the same. Are question was would bacteria grow faster in space.

What research did you do to find a great experiment.

We first came up with any random idea we had and wrote it down on a piece of paper. There was an idea about bacteria first we had to decided what were some ideas that we could do with bacteria and does bacteria grow faster in space was on it so we all agreed to that. We used are heads to come up with that idea.

What innovative ideas do have about how this problem could be solved.

Heating it up until it couldn’t stand it to see how it holds up in temperature changes and we could also freeze it to see what would happen their.

How did the process go

It went okay at the end it was getting hard to come up with ideas some of are ideas we had we had to though out because they didn’t make the most of sense or they just weren’t needed. When we did the agar plates we got a little bit of bacteria. It went pretty smooth for most of it.



Currents from the kitchen?

Currents from the kitchen.

1.)Your prediction?

a.) Which fruit will produce the most electric voltage?

I think the fruit that will produce the most electric voltage is the apple.

b.) Why: I think the apple will produce the most voltage because their is a very thin skin witch may effect the path of the current and its doesn’t tend to be a mushy fruit. I think a musky fruit would have a harder time conducting electricity. The apple also isn’t to watery that the current can’t pass thought apples have enough water in them to pass the electricity but not enough to drown it.

2.) To create a battery cell you have to create a closed circuit and then you have to grab a light bulbs to see if it will light up.

3.)Set up your experiment in groups of 4?

When you get in your groups of 4 you have to grab the supplies. you need a voltmeter conducting wires and a light bulb and a piece of fruit then you began.

4.)Perform your retirement with a couple of fruits and vegetables.

We used a banana and an apple.

5.)Document your results.

The banana didn’t work we got no charge the light bulb didn’t lite up the voltmeter didn’t move. The apple we didn’t get the light bulb to turn on but we did get the voltmeter to move a little bit.

6.) Explanation for your observation and results.

I think the banana didn’t work so good was because we kept on sticking the screw back in so their was a whole bunch of little holes and i think that could have effected the results. I think the apple worked because we also tried to put it in all of the different levels in the voltmeter the other one we kept on the highest current flow which also would not help with trying to get the voltmeter to work or the light bulb. with the apple to it was cut in half which could have some effect.

7.) image







Digital Footprint

Digital Footprint


How might your digital footprint affect your future opportunities? Give least two examples.

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1) It could affect your job opportunists. Because if you apply for a job and your resume is perfect you could be the perfect person for that jobĀ  because your dedicated etc.. Then the boss of that job takes a look at your social media or your digital footprint and it makes you look bad and you could look like an undesirable person to hire you.

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2) It could affect your way of life. If something went viral and i gave you a bad name you could be made fun of. Because it could be really embarrassing or a video that may give you a bad name. Like someone video taped you at a party then posted that could give you a bad digital footprint.

Describe at least three strategies that you can use to keep your digital footprint appropriate and safe.

1) Don’t google anything in-appropriate because the internet can follow you so the best bet is to keep it pg 13.

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2) If you really have to google something you can put a virus protector or a app that keeps your search private.

3) It may be easy to search but it’s not easy to erase

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What information did you learn that you would pass on to other students? How would you go about telling them.

I would pass on that your search history is pretty hard to get ride of and any pictures you post on social media you could delete it but its still out their it is never fully deleted. I would tell the person by face to face talking to them in real lifeĀ  i would probably phrase it the way i wrote it but cut some of those things out.

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