Chemistry Inquiry

Science reflection-1bcnv3x Sources “Volleyball Netting.” Magento Commerce, 2018, Clark, Jim. “Making Ester.” Reactions of the Group 2 Elements with Water, 2004, “What Is a General Formula for an Ester? | Socratic.”, Libretexts. “15.6: Esters – Structures and Names.” Chemistry LibreTexts, National Science Foundation, 9 Dec. 2016, “Polyester Price Drop Cuts […]

Aquatic Field Studies

  Aquatic Field Studies Brooke Kendal Oct 9, 2018 Science 9 Block C   Last week we explored into the waters of Oxbow Pond. The water quality Index average is 80.2. which means the Oxbow Pond has good quality water. The water quality is protected with a minor amount of impairments; conditions may depart from […]