Semester 1 Math 9 Reflection

  How I answered it: I collected all the like terms like x², x and just a regular number for example 9 What unit is it from: Polynomials What this unit difficult for me: it wasn’t that difficult it made sense after I accepted that x could be a number and you can multiple, add, subtract and divide […]

Chemistry Inquiry

Science reflection-1bcnv3x Sources “Volleyball Netting.” Magento Commerce, 2018, Clark, Jim. “Making Ester.” Reactions of the Group 2 Elements with Water, 2004, “What Is a General Formula for an Ester? | Socratic.”, Libretexts. “15.6: Esters – Structures and Names.” Chemistry LibreTexts, National Science Foundation, 9 Dec. 2016, “Polyester Price Drop Cuts […]

Reflections on the Indian Act

Before we studied the Indian Act in class, I knew what happened at the residential schools and what the consequence’s were for the kids. The kids were physical abuse, verbal abuse, emotional abuse, mental abuse and sometimes death. I also knew the outcomes of the residential schools and how no one would talk that issue, Because it was a horrifying experience. 1 I […]