Math 10 Week 17

This week in class we learned about Arithmetic Sequences which means we learned how to find the common difference in a sequence of terms. ex. 8, 14, 20  Tn would be easy to find in this equation because we already know T1 which is 8 and the difference is 6 so, therefore, Tn would have […]

Math 10 Week 15

This week we learned Solving Using Elimination so you start with 2 equations and you add then (NEVER SUBTRACT) it would be standard form ex. 2x+3y=7 + 5x-3y=28 = 7x=35 (because there is a zero pair and you always have to have a zero pair, if there isn’t a zero pair then you multiply one […]

Math 10 Week 14

This week we learned Systems of Linear Equations (where two lines cross) Every line has millions of interesting points The main thing we learned this week is substitute linear equation which means you take on the equation and substitute it into another equation. First, we start with two equations Then choose to rearrange one. ( […]

Math 10 Week 13

This week we have been learning all about the three equations and how to rearrange and do algebra with them. And how to plot inequalities on graphs with parallel, perpendicular or Oblique lines. The 3 equations Point Slope Form – m(x-x1) = y-y1  (Mrs. Burtons favorite form) Slope y-intercept form – y=mx+b General form – Ax+By+c=0  (it’s pretty […]

Math 10 Week 12

This week we are learning about slope. The slope is the number that describes the steepness of a line… It is the same as the Tangent ratio. There are 3 different formulas I need to memorize. First m= y1 – y2 / x1 – x2 m = slope this is our slope formula so if […]

Math 10 Week 11

This week we learned about naming functions naming functions are when you see an equation that says f(10)+g(7) which means above or below this equation it should show f(x) =2x +5    g(x)= -x+4   h(x) = – 6x  j(x) = 11 – 2x so if you see all of these functions and you have the […]

Math 10 Week 10

This week we have learned what a function is. A function is a special relation. So if you have a mapping chart or a T chart you are not allowed having the same inputs (x) If you have a graph you can not have dots that are over each other because or else they are […]

Math 10 Week 9

This week our class had our Midterm so any spare time I had in class I was studying (we also studied a lot in class) This week we learned about domain and range. The domain is the X-axis and the range is the Y-axis. It’s a complicated topic that I still don’t fully understand yet. […]