Whole Genome Sequencing

Whole Genome Sequencing Whole Genome Sequencing is a very simple yet still complicated lab resource. Whole Genome Sequencing is a procedure that can be done on anyone. All you need is a blood or saliva sample and send it off to a lab. At the lab, they will be breaking up your letters that make […]

Math 10 Week 17

This week in class we learned about Arithmetic Sequences which means we learned how to find the common difference in a sequence of terms. ex. 8, 14, 20  Tn would be easy to find in this equation because we already know T1 which is 8 and the difference is 6 so, therefore, Tn would have […]

Math 10 Week 15

This week we learned Solving Using Elimination so you start with 2 equations and you add then (NEVER SUBTRACT) it would be standard form ex. 2x+3y=7 + 5x-3y=28 = 7x=35 (because there is a zero pair and you always have to have a zero pair, if there isn’t a zero pair then you multiply one […]