Math 10 Week 10

This week we have learned what a function is. A function is a special relation. So if you have a mapping chart or a T chart you are not allowed having the same inputs (x) If you have a graph you can not have dots that are over each other because or else they are […]

Math 10 Week 9

This week our class had our Midterm so any spare time I had in class I was studying (we also studied a lot in class) This week we learned about domain and range. The domain is the X-axis and the range is the Y-axis. It’s a complicated topic that I still don’t fully understand yet. […]

Math 10 Week 8

This week we have learned about linear relations between two Quantities. We learned how to find x or find y and the difference between discrete variables and continuous variables. The difference is Discrete variables are measuring the number of students, number of cars and numbers of hamburgers sold. which means you don’t connect the lines […]

Math 10 Week 7

This week in math I’ve learned a lot of new things.  I’ve learned how to multiply polynomials using the box method. The box method is when you use a visual box to express your equation. If you had (3 + 7x + 2) (2 + 6x – 7) You would first put them outside of […]

Week 6 Math 10

This week we learned how to factor polynomials and find the difference in squares. The difference in squares is when you have a binomial (subtraction equation) and all the numbers are perfect squares. when you expand the equation. You need to make sure the signs add up to a negative so when it’s a negative […]

Math 10 Week 5

This week in class I learned easy tips and tricks to solve a polynomial equation quicker and I learned how to use FOIL. FOIL is an easy way to remember these words. F is for the first O for outer I for inner and L for last. Its when you’re multiplying a binominal and you […]