Composite Image
Composite Image

Foot King This image represent the soccer legend of Korea

Character sketch block D

Sam is the antagonist of the short story “Sam the Athlete”. Sam’s physical appearance is described as weak, because he was not able to run for a long time and

House Response BLOCK D

There are 800, 000 houses and 2, 300, 000 people in households in British Columbia who lives an ordinary life. The short story “house”, Henry and Anna are deciding to

Life is About Experiences-Brian

I went to Pitt Meadow at 7:30 A.M. to go gliding from my cadets. There were officers from cadets and people who owned a license for gliders. It was a

Partner Paragraph

Partner Paragraph Ainsley is a very interesting, active, and an enthusiastic girl in grade 10. She was born in Richmond and she has a mother, a father, and a sister.

Inovation Final Post

Our group for the innovation project created the wrist wallet and we collaborated by adding ideas to other people’s ideas to make ideas better. What I liked about this project

Solution Fluency-Wrist Wallet

Define: The Wrist Wallet we are trying to make is a wallet attached to your watch. It’s going to help people so that they do not have to take their

DNA-Edible Model

1. Chromosomes , DNA, and genes worked to build a human body. Chromosomes are spirals inside DNA and genes are the segments of DNA. 2. The licorice are sugar/phosphate backbone,

Observing Cells

1a. Animal cells look like bubbles or jellyfish. The visible cell structures of an animal cells are cells and the nucleus. 1b. Plant cells look like a snake’s skin. The

Solution Fluency-Metallic Pill

Define: The metallic pill that we are making has a tiny robot inside that cure disease. The problem that we are trying to solve is curing disease that current technology

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