Work Place Safety

3 things you will do to stay safe at work

  1.  I will ask the employer about the hazards of my job. Then I will make sure that I am given health and safety orientation and training for the job.
  2. If I am not sure about how to use a tool at work I will ask someone who knows how to deal with the instead of risking my safety.
  3. I will inspect all the equipments to make sure it is safe to use it.

2 things you will do to keep other safe at work

  1.  If I see a hazard that could hurt someone, I would inform someone else to deal with it unless it is safe to deal with it myself.
  2. Help someone if they are doing something that could end up hurting someone else

Mark’s story resonated with me the most, because I knew someone who had an incident at a mill. I can learn from accident to not be careless at work and only do the things that I am trained to be doing.