House Response BLOCK D

There are 800, 000 houses and 2, 300, 000 people in households in British Columbia who lives an ordinary life. The short story “house”, Henry and Anna are deciding to buy a house and Henry learns that he was wrong when he thought living an ordinary life is the best thing to do. When Henry and Anna decided to sell the boat, so that they could buy a house. He regrets right after selling the boat. After, Henry figures out that he made the wrong choice to buy the house and that the ordinary life of everyone else is not for his family. Then, he doesn’t feel like getting out of the bed or admitting that he made the wrong decision. As Henry, swings the wrecking bar at the wall of his house, he and Anna accepts their house and fit themselves to the house. If Henry had never convinced Anna to buy the house, they would have bought an island or a plane for themselves and might have not regretted for what he had done.