Solution Fluency-Wrist Wallet

Define: The Wrist Wallet we are trying to make is a wallet attached to your watch. It’s going to help people so that they do not have to take their wallet out of their pockets and look socially ackward. Also, you would not forget to bring your wallet and would know if someone steals it because it is on your wrist.

Dream: We are trying to make the Wrist Wallet so that it is more efficient and can keep your wallet secure. We thought of this idea when we were talking about being ackward when taking out a wallet from your jean pocket.

Discover: We will head to the dollar store or Amazon to buy wallets that comes in four colours and the wrist part of the watch. The materials that we will use is going to be leather, and it will have enough space to put ID card, cash, drivers license, care card.

Deliver: The Wrist Wallet is going to look like a watch but instead of  the time, it is going to have a wallet attached. There is going to four colour, English Bay White, Gianfranco Red, Midnight Black, Chocolate Brown.