Electric House Project

For this project we had to construct a house with 4 mandatory circuits including a series, parallel, complex and then one of our choice. I worked on this project with Audrey and Kyra. I am proud of how the overall project went, we avoided trouble and were able to put our heads together to come up with the final product.

Then we had to make circuit diagrams, I included both a rough sketch and a schematic diagram for each circuit.

I chose critical thinking for my core competency

There were also 4 project questions…

  1. Unscrewing a light bulb in a series circuit would mean all the other light bulbs will not light, therefore showing it is a series circuit
  2. Unscrewing a light bulb in a parallel circuit will keep the other ones lit because the electrons do not have to run through all of the light bulbs, proving it is a parallel
  3. The light bulb in series is brighter and the two in parallel are duller because all electrons have to go through the series light bulb but only half of the electrons are going to each parallel light bulb
  4. The series light bulb and the parallel light bulb would be the same brightness because all the electrons are going through both of them.


Wonder Project: Blog Post

Here is my finished wonder project about clones. My wonder question was “Would a human clone be self-aware?”. With this power point I hope to reach high school level students hoping to inspire them to go into science when they go out into the world for a job so we can find solid answers for these big questions and expand our knowledge when it comes to sciences and DNA. So here is my project, my research, my notes/good copy and then my self assessment.


Core Competent Canadians

Here are the most competent Canadians in our opinions for each core competencies

Question 1: i knew core competencies were crucial to achieving your best performance and your goals, I learned that core competencies can lead to very successful lifestyles

Question 2: it’s can help me direct my studies in the way I want to go for future jobs/employment options

Wonder Project (Science 9)

Here is my wonder project. My question was, “Would a human clone be self-aware? If so, would it still be considered a clone?” I had so much fun researching this project and I hope you enjoy reading it and learning all about the brain and the process of cloning.