First Peoples Principles of Learning

Learning involves patience and time. This principle means that you should not give up if you aren’t instantly successful. I think it also implies that sometimes only time can teach you a lesson because you need to have new experiences. I believe that this principle has been taught in science 9 in a few different […]

Mutation Story

Part 1: Mutation Story Hello! I am a gene inside my host Noah’s body. He has Duchenne’s muscular dystrophy. He got it from his mom, as unfortunately she was a carrier of the disease and it is hereditary. However, she doesn’t have the condition because it affects boys almost exclusively. More specifically, he has muscular […]

Electricity Project & Reflection

  ( artificial-electrical-muscle-stimulation-2 )       This project went well overall. We were able to finish on time and we divided the work equally. Our model came out better than I expected, too! Our only struggle was understanding how electrons flowed. In the future, I would set deadlines so that we wouldn’t be finishing the night […]

Science App Review

PROBLEM: When I’m doing my science homework in the evening, sometimes I will need help with answering a question. Often a Google search doesn’t answer my specific question. POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS/BRAINSTORM: To solve this problem, I could do a couple of things. I could find a handful of reliable sites, I could use the corrections to […]