corrections of narrative essay

I think I succeeded in this piece by having near perfect grammar and by organizing it well. I also think I incorporated humor as well as the rule of three. I could improve this story by having one clear lesson learned and by explicitly stating it. I could also have allowed the reader to become more […]


How humans perceive the future             The short story “There Will Come Soft Rains” by Ray Bradbury illustrates a dystopian future from the viewpoint of the 1950s. This detail is important to how we interpret the story, because the author wrote during a time of great political turmoil, not unlike today. The United States was […]

human condition paragraph

The Human Condition The song “Loving Someone” by The 1975 expresses thoughts on how the media influences sexuality and culture amongst young people. It starts off by analyzing the impact of celebrity role models on youth self-esteem and how our current accepted “norm” for each other is warped and excessively heteronormative. The chorus brings home […]


5 choses que j’ai appris… les dealerships vont essayer de te vendre les voitures qui sont tres cheres et dire que c’est “la meme prix” mais tu payes pour tres longtemps les dettes de 84 mois existent si ton voiture brise et tu essaie de le retourner les vieux dettes vont sur ton nouveau voiture tu dois verifier qu’un […]