caffeine mythbusters

Caffeine can counteract the effects of alcohol (i.e. sober someone up)

Drinking caffeinated beverages to try and sober up will not have the effects you desire. Caffeine is a stimulant, meaning it makes you feel awake and alert. Mixing it with alcohol will not sober you up, it will make you think you’re less drunk when in reality you’re still intoxicated. It will alleviate some sluggishness. This can be dangerous for several reasons. First of all, this could make you think you’re fit to drive. Additionally, mixing caffeine and alcohol can dehydrate you, which will make your hangover worse. High energy while drunk can also result in destructive behavior and poor decision making. Another thing that can happen is a racing pulse and strain on your heart. Some better ways to sober up are to eat food and drink water, take a nap in a safe place, or throw up. In conclusion, this myth is fake. Drinking caffeine does not affect your level of drunkenness, it only further impairs your judgment.


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  1. Good work, Breanna. You could use your sources within your response to strengthen your argument, but otherwise well formed.

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