George Heyman,

As the Minister of Environment and Climate Change Strategy, it is in your best interest not to support LNG and fracking particular. Fracking is no environmentally friendly process in the slightest. The process of fracking requires drilling deep into the earth to reach a shale formation, however this drill must first pass through the fresh ground water supply. The piping that both the chemicals passes through and the natural gas is retrieved through has been known to leak. Meaning, there is a chance that these harmful chemicals, natural gas or even both may seem leak and contaminate the fresh ground water supply. Although the majority of the population in BC relies on the watersheds for their fresh water, the contaminated water could have drastic effects on the surrounding ecosystems. The water will affect the plant life and thus, affecting the wildlife in turn. There is also a possibility that our livestock and crops could be affected. Given that most of BC’s fracking operations are situated in northern areas, they are located relatively close to cattle farms and others.  In my personal opinion, fracking technology has not yet reached the point where it can be deemed safe for use, despite its already popular usage. Technology must be further improved, safety precautions taken and regulations created and met on top of the regulations that already exist before fracking should be further invested and relied on.


A concerned citizen

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