Podcast about missing and Indigenous people

I and my partner Rachel did a project about missing and murdered indigenous teens. The story is about a 19-year-old girl who got killed, but no one knows who the killer is, and also the RCMP would not cooperate so the case got dismissed. In the project, and my partner worked hard and had a good combination with each other. During the project I was shocked by how much indigenous children or teenager was kidnapped and murdered but, the part that was more shocking was when I realized a lot of the case was unsolved because they were indigenous. After, the project I thought about how I could help more people who are still finding their family.  During the project we work hard and put a lot of effort into it still is was not fantastic as the real podcast but, I think we did a pretty good job for our first podcast, I had a lot of fun on this project I realized in the future I might do another type of future since it was fun to make the podcast.

Advertising Target Market

“Start something New,” a advertisement produced by IKEA the advertisement was about an old man that did the same thing every day but then he wanted to try something new while bringing a pink chair along while he was trying new things around the world. After watching this advertisement some people will think it is about the pink chair but, it is actually not the true meaning in the advertisement is that trying something new is always special and can bring happiness. The target audience of this advertisement is mainly adults the reason why it is targeted to adults is they are likely to buy furniture or other supplies the advertisement wants the buyers to think that if they purchase the product people will think that they are trying something new and can make the buyers feel like the old man in the commercial. The techniques used in the advertisement is emotional appeal, which makes think that if people buy the product they will have joy and positive memories. 

Short Story to Internet Based Article – “The Evil monkey ”

Part 2

In this project I changed the short story “The Evil Monkey” which is a narrative story to a expository and descriptive internet based article. This project for me was very fun and interesting as the last project we did I liked it because I have to use my creativity and when I finished the internet based article it looked satisfied as I wished and it made me proud of myself .

I added some details to the internet based article like interviewing the chief director of the experiment [Delilah]  about Sly and what happened also what are they going to do with him after I included Vern and explained that he was Sly’s Bestfriend and added a little more explanation about there relationship and at the end I wrote about opinions about Sly’s future which was fun to think of.

what I learned about the transformation is that it wasn’t easy to change but I got better and better like first I didn’t know what I was doing or what I am going to change it but the more I got interest It got more fun, I got to learned more about the four writing types and got to now more about internet based article

Internet Article Practice – ” A Sound of Thunder

History Was Changed By A Man.

Branden Park

Last week a man named Eckels was killed by the officer of the TIME SAFARI, INC company but the reason why he killed Eckels is shocking.

First, the TIME SAFARI, INC is a  company in which time travel people to hunt dinosaurs in ancient time but as many people know time traveling is really complicated like…

    • don’t kill or step any creatures including plants
    • have to stay on the path that the guide or officer says
    •  don’t meet or see yourself from the past

Second, the person that killed Eckels said that he had changed the history, he said that Keith got elected in the presidential election and used different types of writing and all the major history that happen was actually suppose to be different.

That was the reason why he killed Eckels and the specialist thinks that time travel will be prohibited.



Newspaper Practice – “Harrison Bergeron”

The Monster, Harrison Bergeron was killed By Diana Moon

by Branden Park

Harrison Bergeron, the 14year old had broken out of jail yesterday went to the studio to become the new leader of the world but got killed by Diana Moon with a shotgun while he was dancing with a ballerina .

The studio doors and walls were broken and several handicaps were torn apart from there owners and musicians where playing music that wasn’t allowed, one of the ballerina was forced to dance with him but while they were dancing a shotgun was fired by Diana Moon but unfortunate the ballerina had died with him too.

He claimed that he wanted to be the emperor the speech before Harrison Bergeron died was terrifying “I am the Emperor! “Do you hear? I am the Emperor! Everybody must do what I say at once!” after the speech he forced everyone to take off their handicaps and the unknowns ballerina was forced to dance and then Diana Moon came with a shotgun and blast their body into the piece, it wasn’t a good way to shoot in front of the camera because dozens of children were watching and now they are traumatized.


Today after what happen yesterday people started to treason that they do not want to wear the handicaps the people that demonstration is in jail for 10 years and double their handicaps.

Diana Moon reported that if anyone tries to rebel they would put them in jail for 15 years and triple there handicaps.


Timeline- Communication


Communication, the most important source, and the most evolved technology in the world. Through hundred of decades human communication has evolved, like when it was in the prehistoric era and now days humans have different communication skills. Way back before when humans learned to talk, it was the first communication skills. After they had cave paintings to mark a territory or to record events most likely hunting, “The oldest cave painting was discovered inside Chauvet Cave in France around 30,000 B.C. Other earliest cave paintings were found in South Sulawesi, Indonesia and Coliboaia Cave in Romania” (Munoz 2018). After cave painting, symbols were made, they were carvings in the rock surface, usually specify as rock art. It was developed in which ancient people used to tell images and story, later, Egyptians had their hieroglyphs, Koreans created characters, lastly alphabet was created which was developed around 2.000 B.C. Apart from letters and symbols, people used elements to communicate. In china smoke signals were mainly used in messages along the Great Wall of China, they used the smoke signal because it can be sight easily and be notice from a long distance. During the ancient period, Egyptians used carriers to serve out information in 2,400 B.C. “It was only in 1653 when which involved the use of mailboxes and delivery of paid envelopes” (Munoz 2018). The information that the ancient people carried along was basically news papers, in 1440, a German named Johannes Gutenberg developed the printing press system. With the newspaper it began to twist in the 16th century. A Fun fact about news paper is that the first English-language newspaper was published in Germany at Amsterdam in 1660. After the news paper in the 1830s a various scientist, such as Maxwell and Hughes studied the wireless telegraphy which led to develop the method electromagnetism. It was most used at the World War I and II after that they found out it was useful it began to come out to the citizens. In 1876, Alexander Graham Bell invented telephone it was a two-way interaction communication system, it was faster and quicker than anything to communicate with people. In the 1900s, landline telephone service began. Up until now, the telephone is one of the most best communication devices. Along telephones, television became to start a mode pf direct communication to the audience. It was not invented by a single person, but through the efforts of brilliant people, it became a huge success. The earliest records of broadcasting were occurred after the World war II. Now days more than 1.5 billion have a television in their house. After creation of computers in 1950s, the ARPANET, which was the early ancestor of the internet was advanced. It was designed to mange communication between ARPA computer in the 1960s. The word “internet” was first appeared in 1973. It was a great source to connect people online not face to face. Also, it was a source to connect people all around us now days internet is everything. Social media suck as email and text message were made in around 2000s it is the latest mode of communication so far. Social media can communicate in the digital era use of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and all kinds of social network and it is easy to download the platform. That was the history of communication but if people took a look to the “Evolution of Canada Mail Delivery” timeline below, before 2000, it took long to be developed like to the first official post office and to the design of Canadian post it took about 100 years but, after 2000 the evolution of the mail becomes quicker, it only took 15 years to personal digital mailbox to community mailboxes which is really fast. so on communication will be evolved more and more. 


Evolution of “Canada Mail delivery”

Writing Types

a) In your own words, what are the four writing types?

The four types of writing are expository, descriptive, persuasive, and narrative. First, the expository is to write the main purpose of what is happening but does not include options usually used in textbook writing, recipes, business, technical, etc. Secondly, the descriptive is writing that shows high details that are based on the 5 senses there are used in poetry, journal, diary, nature writing, and descriptive passages. Thirdly, persuasive writing is writing that takes sand and tries to tell the people there opinions like advertisements, reviews (books, music, movie, restaurants, etc). last of all narrative writings is when the person tells a story or event and has a character who explains or tells the story.

b) After reading the comic, “Represent: It’s a Bird,” by Christian Cooper, which writing type would this be categorized under?

It can be categorized under Narrative, expository, and  persuasive

c) What is the comic showing us?

I think the comic shows the reality of what is happening about mainly racism to African Americans and tells you what they are going through right now.

This Google Doc teaches how to become an active ally to the BLM Movement

This Google Doc teaches how to become an active ally to the BLM Movement