What is new Media



A new media is an online and a digital way of exchanging information, New media are often varied to “old media”, such as radio, television, music, and lots of other one way interaction but in the other hand new media is a two-way interaction like web sites, streaming, social networks, online gaming, etc. so for an organization, old media cannot communicate or form a connection but new media is a source of communication and connection. Media consumption fragmented is to separate different times of usage of media and it is based on how we management like if people are on any kind of media for like 5 to 6 hours and the information isn’t worth it that is wasting time like if someone is on Facebook and just randomly surfing on the surface it is an unhelpful usage but if the person handles it well by making a profit or working, it will be useful. A way to use consumption well on media is to try to only open or use it when people need help or information that they person need. It is really important that the fact or information that is looking for is credible, to be sure that it is trustworthy there is some method for it such as check the copyright, verification with multiple sources, date published, and a few more that could help. I think” must double-check the information on a few different web pages,”(2020) is the best way to check if the source is credible





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