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the fresh periodic table

Fresh look at the periodic table

  • define and discover
  • We must rearrange the periodic table


  • Every element is together, and it increases when you go down the table
  • What shape we could use is a pyramid or a square
  • We can use colors by separating non-metals or metals or we can use it for different families

    Design and Deliver

  • Our plan is to divide the elements from their families and have them all together
  • Our explanation is supposed to be easier to read and it is shaped so you can read it from top to bottom


  • How we could’ve improved our plan is that we can make a separation of the metals and non-metals like on the regular periodic table
  • we are using a pyramid design so it is easier to read the periodic table starts  from up and goes down so is more easy to find the elements and they are also in families together and they separate the other metals and the non metals and we also colored the metals and non metals and we made a legend that shows which color are the metals and non metals so non metals are colored blue and metals are colored red.

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