how might your digital footprint affect your future opportunities?

So first it could help me find a job and second that it’s  a source that i can use for applying to other jobs.

3 strategies that can you keep your digital footprint appropriate and safe.

-i could somehow put a password to secure my footprint and if someone wants to see it i can leave my email below and he could tell me who he is and why he wants to see my footprint, and then i can give him the code so he access to my footprint.

-i could put all the pictures in one section of my footprint and all the descriptions on the other side of the footprint.

-i could put the pictures and the descriptions in like a zig-zag order so it looks different from the other footprints (if possible).

what information did you learn that you would pass on to other students? how would you go about telling them?

so what information i would give them, is that the digital footprint is a type of opportunity that you can have to maybe get a job and to become more responsible. And if i really had to tell some students about the digital footprint i would show them some examples and the video that Mr. Robinson told me to watch and gave them some examples of people that go a job for their digital footprint.