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Pre-Calc 11: Week 18 – Top 5 Things I Learned This Year

We learned a lot of things this year in pre-calc 11, but there are a few standout things i think are especially important and/or interesting. The Discriminant Completing the Square Sine / Cosine Law Absolute Values Graphing Parabolas The Discriminant… Continue Reading →

Pre-Calc 11: Week 16 – Applications of Radical Equations

This week in Pre-Calc 11 we learned about Applications of Radical Equations, which is essentially applying the skills we have learned related to Radical Equations, to real life situations. The basic concepts and skills you must apply in order to… Continue Reading →

Pre-Calc 11: Week 17 – Sine Law / Cosine Law

This week in pre-calculus we learned about Sine Law and Cosine Law. These are used when trying to find side lengths or angles on triangles that are not¬†right. Sine Law Sine Law is used when finding side lengths or angles… Continue Reading →

Pre-Calc 11: Week 15 – Rational Expressions (Adding)

This week we revisited rational expressions, except this time we looked at adding them. Once again the rules we follow are very similar to adding fractions, as we will need to find a common denominator. Here is an example of… Continue Reading →

Pre-Calc 11: Week 14 – Rational Expressions (Multiplying and Dividing)

This week we learned about rational expressions, and how to multiply and divide them. The rules for this are very similar to multiplying and dividing fractions. Multiplying: Here is an example: Just like a fraction multiply straight across: Reduce this… Continue Reading →

Socials 11: Canada and the Cold War

Pre-Calc 11: Week 13 – Graphing Reciprocal Functions

This week we learned about graphing reciprocal functions. A reciprocal is when you divide one by whatever you are given. For example: Regular: Reciprocal: When you graph one of these reciprocal functions you end up with a¬†hyperbola. Here is an… Continue Reading →

Pre-Calc 11: Week 12 – Graphing Systems

This week we learned how to graph systems. Systems are two equations and the solutions to them are where the lines intersect. There are three different types of systems we graphed: Linear, Linear, Linear, Quadratic and Quadratic, Quadratic Linear, Linear:… Continue Reading →

Pre-Calc 11: Week 11 – Inequalities

This week we looked at inequalities. We mainly focused on graphing true statements with linear and quadratic inequalities. Graphing Linear Inequalities: First you start off with a linear inequality, for example: As you can see this is in the form… Continue Reading →

Pre-Calc 11: Week 10 – What I Learned During My Review

During this week we did lots of review for the upcoming midterm and during this review I made some connections I didn’t make before that further developed my understanding of the content. One specific thing that stood out to me… Continue Reading →

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