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Pre-Calc 11: Week 3 – Absolute Values

This week we learned about finding the absolute value of numbers. “The absolute value of a real number is defined as the principal square root of the square of a number.” If you wanted to find the absolute value of 5, you… Continue Reading →

Pre-Calc 11: Week 2 – Infinite Geometric Series

This week we learned about infinite geometric series. You can separate geometric series’ into two types, ones that diverge, and ones that converge. If r > 1 or r < -1 then it diverges If 0 < r < 1 or -1 < r < 0 then… Continue Reading →

Pre-Calc 11: Week 1 – Arithmetic Sequences / Series

The sequence i chose is 8, 17, 26, 35, 44… This also means d=9 Now to find : The general equation is: : Now to find : So in the end that means and and the general equation is  … Continue Reading →

Physics 11: Nuclear Debate

Going into the debate the other day, I already had chosen a side on the nuclear energy debate. After the debate my view on it has changed slightly but not too much. I originally was very much so against nuclear… Continue Reading →

Physics 11: Exploring Waves Lab

Periodic Wave: The wave is recurring at a regular interval so it is a periodic wave. Pulse Wave: This wave is a single disturbance, so it is a pulse wave. Transverse Wave: The spring is pulled sideways and the disturbance… Continue Reading →

Physics 11: Archimedes Challenge (Flamethrower)

Braeden and Anton – Flamethrower History: The flamethrower has strong origins in two places. The Byzantine Empire (Eastern Roman Empire) and China. In the Byzantine Empire, flamethrowers came in the form of “Greek Fire”. They would launch the Greek Fire… Continue Reading →

Physics Blog Post Video

Parenting Licenses

A big issue in today’s society is bad parenting, but if the government were to implement a licensing process in order to become a parent, we could help prevent this issue and possibly give the next generations brighter futures. First… Continue Reading →

NWC Help Wanted Poster

Self reflection: I am happy with this project because it feels authentic to me and I felt happy with the work I put into it. It pretty much worked out to be exactly how i wanted the project to be.

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