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Animal shelter in Coquitlam


Milestones waiter
task 3:
Paragraph 1:
It is to volunteer in a animal shelter, and work with stray animals such as dogs and cats This, could help my future if I ever wanted to work with animals or have a profession such as a veterinarian.
I am passionate about this because I would love having a future with pets, and I also think that the animals deserve it since a lot of animal shelter either kill the animals if they have too many animals or they abuse the animals. With more people who love animals and will spend some of their own time with them and help them out.

Paragraph 2:

A job at Milestone working as a server, this employment could benefit me by preparing me on how I can be a good, proper server, and being a good server, consists of the following, the customer is always right, be friendly but professional, you can ask how they’re doing but don’t get to personal, and practice good hygiene because no one likes a waiter with bad hygiene. Some of the qualifications are good personal presentation skills to be friendly, polite and helpful, to be patient and diplomatic when dealing with complaints flexibility and reliability, with a willingness to work weekends and evenings, stamina and efficiency good memory excellent communication skills. I bring good communication skills, stamina and efficiency, I can sometimes lack on the memory, patient and polite and I can be friendly. Some steps I need to take are I need to be efficient on time, because I have 3-4 nights of soccer each week and I also have school, so while I am in school I need to be efficient with my time.



Biotechnology Solution Fluency

What will humans look like in 100 years?

I think we did pretty well but I think we could have used time more wisely because some of my groupmate wasn’t able to work on it on weekends and I needed to do most of the work. We could do a little bit better on the powerpoint I think. But we got 5 resources and long thoughts on the template so that was good.

Meal Plan

Our plan for breakfast is a scramble. It will contain scrambled eggs, hash browns, bacon and onions (maybe). The plan is to mix it all up and it will have multiple different flavours in the recipe. The way we will cook this is to cook the bacon first until crispy, then the hash browns and finally add the eggs.

For lunch our meal will be Poutine. Poutine contains potatoes, gravy, and cheese curds and sometimes other optional toppings. Poutine usually goes with something else but is also good by itself because it is heavy. First we need to bake the fries and make the gravy. Once everything is done then mix the hot gravy fries and cheese curds and the cheese will melt.

Shepherd’s Pie will be our dinner plan. It is pie but instead of a fruit and jelly inside it contains beef, potatoes and vegetables like peas. It tastes good with ketchup as well. To cook shepherd’s pie we need to cook the beef, mash the potatoes and cook the vegetables and combine them inside the breaded part to make the pie. Then freeze the pie and after bake it in the oven.

Breakfast Cost:
2 eggs : 50 cents

1lb of potatoes(two big potatoes) : 63 cents

1 slice of bacon : 22 cents

total price $1.35

Lunch Cost:
1 Lb of potatoes(two big potatoes): 63 cents
Gravy mix .87 oz : $4.08
Cheese curds : 2.99
Total price: $7.70

Dinner cost:
1 Lb of potatoes (two big potatoes): 63 cents
Ground Beef 500 g : $8
Peas 9.9 oz : $4.47
Heinz tomato ketchup 38 oz bottle : $2.98
Total cost: $16.08

Benito Reed, Leo An, Braeden Burke and Dylan Egvari

Unit number 5

Block D

Wonder Blogpost #1

My Wonder question:

By the year 2050, the population of the world will likely increase by 35%, how will society be able to produce enough food to feed everyone.

Why is this question meaningful to me:

This question is meaningful to me because I would love to know what we would do and what would happen if our earth got overpopulated.

Why is this question meaningful to others:

This question may be meaningful to other because, they may want to learn the same things I want to learn, and they might be curious just like me.


How can we produce enough food? GMO’s? Where would we grow the food? Would the government impose laws on limiting birth? what are possible solutions?

Source #1:

Sustainable food for everyone? The challenge of the century.

Author: Irene Banos Ruiz


Date of publication: 11.07.2017

Sustainable Food For Everyone? The Challenge Of Our Century | Dw | 11.07.2017

Deutsche Welle. “Sustainable Food for Everyone? The Challenge of Our Century | DW | 11.07.2017.” DW.COM,

summary: The worldwide population is to be estimated at 10 billion by the year 2050. So with the world growing, we will need more food to accommodate the people of earth with food. One of the reasons that we may not be able to feed everyone in the world is not that we can’t, it is just because the food in our world is poorly managed. This can be managed by giving people training, education, and land rights. Africa is one of the places that are affected by these poor management and untrained people that own these farms and operate them. With proper training these people can be able to make more food in less time for their family. If everyone in the world is educated on preserving food, and producing the food and being well trained. Then we can keep at the same rate as our population.

Source #2:

Does population growth lead to hunger and famine?

Author: Joe Hassel


Date of publication: April 3rd 2018

summary: In some areas in the world population is a big problem especially in parts of Asia. In these parts of Asia there is a lot of, there is a lot of poverty and hunger. People in Asia only make a few dollars a day and can barley buy food and water for their family. And with more people coming to this earth, there will be more and more people that are in poverty and are starving.



Source #3

Quora. “How Big Of A Problem Is Overpopulation?” Forbes, Forbes Magazine, 30 July 2018,

How Big Of A Problem Is Overpopulation?

author: Chealse Follet

Publisher: Forbes

Date if publication: July 30th 2018


Two centuries ago an author by the name of Thomas Malthus, and he wrote an article on overpopulation and warned many people, and at that time there were only 1 billion people on the earth. People were freaking out and going around and saying overpopulation will be the end and kill us all. But then people started to come to conclusion and seem that it is not that bad at the end of the day.