Core Competency reflection – Banana Surgery

During the thinking phase of which we’re trying to think of ways to do surgery on the banana, our group had many ideas. After we’re all done thinking of ideas, we came together we collaborated on each others ideas and expanded out thinking abilities so we can further our surgery on the banana.While we were trying to cut the banana into four pieces without damaging the banana the best we can, while we’re cutting the banana we’re thinking of what we could do to make the smallest cuts and the least amount of damage to the banana, and I think we executed this pretty well.When we’re doing this assignment for science I was an active listener to whoever was talking and made sure that they got their ideas into the group so we could make out surgery on the banana even better, and by doing that I supported the person who was giving out ideas to help further our ideas to our surgery 

Digital Footprint

1) My digital footprint might affect my future opportunities like jobs and universities.
2) Some strategies might be like using a private browser, some are as simple as watching what you say and post because, that could make you susceptible to maybe you are messing with the wrong person and maybe hackers that can track your personal IP address and even more. Another that you can do is by changing your passwords frequently, so no one goes on your account without you knowing and looking into your personal email or other accounts.
3) Me personally would tell my peers and classmates just to be careful of what you do and post because it could affect your opportunities further on I life. I got these

Italian Self-assessment

When Ms.Durand is speaking italian in our class I try to make as much connections as posilble so I can learn even more in class. When I do respond I make my vocoabulary better and my memorization better. Because of all that repetition of one word, and it will stick eventually.

At the start of this year I ever thought that I would get this far in a language ever, but it was even more easier because of the way signora Durand taught us. I talk to my other friends in other language classes and all they do is just sit down at a desk and they do like boring stuff, but in intro Italian we have a lot of fun we have plays, films, I also made a lot of new friends in intro Italian.

Reflections on the Indian Act

Before we studied the Indian act in class, I knew that the First Nations children had to go to  residential schools, and were not treated well. They got physically abused, sexually abused, and mentally abused.

5 ideas I learned about the Indian Act are.

  1. They had a status number that gave them “perks”
  2. They lived on reserves that were poorly treated by them and the government
  3. the First nations woman would lose their status if they married another culture
  4. The reserves were controlled by the government
  5. If their reserves are smaller and they have a really big family you will be over populated and have diseases                                   I have no questions on this subject                                                     I am going to use this information I learned today to teach my family about the Indian act, and all the horrible things that happened

British Govern Quebec

As a British official, I realize there are many alternatives to governing Quebec is. I have chosen the policy of isolation to ensure the colony is properly run. By isolating all the colonies, a pro would be there would be less wars and fights over land because we all are own piece of land for our colonies. One big piece of land for the English and their colonies and one big chunk of land is for the French/Acadians, and more for the first nations.
Also, by doing that they might come into alliances and become friends. But one of the cons would be that they would run out of resources and land, so for that they might fight in wars. As I have outlined above, I believe the best policy for governing Quebec is isolation. This will ensure that the colony will remain under British control and provide wealth for our glorious country.