Rube Goldberg Project – Science 10

How it works: The project in action: Picture of Project: Core Competencies: Example of each step: I click the sound button on the remote sending a radio wave to the train which then plays music. I then click go on the remote sending another radio…

Top 5 things I learned this year in math 9

By: Brady Vojvodic I Have learned a lot of math in grade 9 and I’m going to share what I learned and also teach it to you. Exponents a exponents is that little tiny number to right of the big number (base), sometimes in front…

Core competencies – Drafting 10 Revit house

this is a picture of the house I created in Drafting 10 and I chose it as a core competencies I chose to write about the house I created in Drafting because I really enjoyed the process I went through.  

What I learned about Grade 9 linear relations

Understanding linear relations and t charts: 4,7,10,13 this is a linear relation, as you can see it goes up by 3 every time but what if we want to find the equation the we would use something like a T-Chart it looks like this as…

Horizontal and vertical line Assignment

I created the letter B and K because B is the first letter of my name and K is the first letter of my Brothers and I couldn’t use V which would be the first letter of my last name