Rube Goldberg Project – Science 10

How it works:

The project in action:

Picture of Project:

Core Competencies:

Example of each step:

  1. I click the sound button on the remote sending a radio wave to the train which then plays music.
  2. I then click go on the remote sending another radio wave to the train causing it to move.
  3. The train moves and pulls down the domino and knocks more domino’s over causing a chain reaction.
  4. the domino’s finally knock over the ball which falls and hits the tower.
  5. the tower then falls over pulling down the yogurt can attached to it via a ribbon.
  6. my dog then notices the yogurt can and starts to lick it up.

Types of energy involved:

  1. To play the music the remote has to have electrical energy to power the remote and train then the remote sends a radio wave to the train (nuclear energy) then the train plays the music.

Transformation: (Electrical -> Nuclear -> sound)

2. Train starts to move and pulls down the domino causing all the domino’s to fall down causing a chain reaction

Transformation: (Mechanical)

3. The domino’s knock the ball over and the ball knocks over the tower

Transformation: (mechanical -> gravitational)

4. The tower falls over and brings down the can of yogurt

Transformation: (Gravitational -> Mechanical)


By: Brady Vojvodic