DNA Extraction Lab


On Monday we did a lab experiment on fruit to found out more about how DNA works. what we used was a strawberry, a banana, soap, salt, water and ethanol/rubbing alcohol.


we started off by putting the strawberry/banana in a Ziploc bags separately, adding salt and soap and water to the bag in each one. we then mushed the contents together till it turned into a mush. we then let it sit for 5 minutes. once 5 minutes passed we added 1/2 of the contents into a test tub separately. finally we added the ethanol, which made it possible to extract the DNA.

What I learned

What I learned was that every organism has different DNA, the banana DNA flout to the surface while the strawberry DNA stuck to the bottom. it maybe because I put more of the banana than the strawberry, but I’m sure that every organism has different DNA.

Why this was important

This lab is important because we get to see what DNA looks like and we got to extract it. personally I thought you would need a microscope in order to see DNA, but that’s not the case cause we got to see DNA without a microscope.