Two Fishermen


Michael foster a young, news reporter in the story” Two fishermen” trying to follow up on this story of trying to make a career of this article to make it higher in the ranks. Michael Foster; tall, long-legged Caucasian guy who has a really good American accent, seemed like a middle-class man. Having a good social skills, his connections with people is strong. Michael Foster is a “eager young fellow, who wanted to go to the city some day and work on an important newspaper” (Callaghan 1), where he had to meet the hangman privately for the interview.

“As Michael rowed the boat around to the boathouse, he hoped that Smitty wouldn’t realize he didn’t want to be seen walking back to town with him” (Callaghan 3) as he felt that the town people would give him bad reputation for he and Smitty being together. Smitty, being so kind and timid, has a terrible reputation among the town people for being a hangman and got his reputation worsen for hanging Tom Delaney. Michael Foster fears of getting judged by the town people.

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